About Us

Where Your Natural Hair Meets Essential Authenticity We are Moeva Hair Essentials, an eccentric mother-daughter duo, bringing integrity and natural solutions in alignment with the hair and skin care industry. I am Monica, the founder, and co-owner, alongside my beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Madison. I was first inspired by my own natural hair journey. The intricate nature of organic hair care was exactly what I had been searching for. Not long after that, my inspiration began to mirror itself in how I treated Madison’s hair. I had a deep desire to treat our hair with natural, gentle, and beneficial products. We started small with homemade Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Hair Growth Elixir. From there, a bond was formed between us and these products. I knew this journey was something that needed to be shared with the world. Bringing Moeva to Life Moeva Hair Essentials began its journey in 2014 as I started experimenting with homemade oils. By 2017 the wandering led me to the beauty of natural hair care. In April of 2018, the brand was born. Bringing this brand to life has always been about more than hair products. These products are a gateway to building relationships and embracing the beauty of culture. While many companies settle when it comes to using preservatives with their ingredients, even in organic products, we use absolutely none. Priding ourselves on the knowledge that because not all oils are made equal, we strive to stand out by using the best. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have found a product that not only exceeds your expectations but also brings warmth to your soul. Our Heart Our values are simple. Share an inspirational and honest experience with our community and customers. Remain true to our organic beginnings by providing truly natural hair and skin care options. Encourage and enhance hair and skin care experience through intricately formulated products. We are here to provide relief to the itchy scalp, maintain protective styles, improve hair growth, and, most importantly, encourage confidence and hair care transformation for our customers. Want to Know More? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest: @moevahairessentials Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you as you navigate your hair and skin care journey.

Protect Your Investment

Moeva Hair Essentials products are made from special blends of carefully selected, all natural ingredients to give your hair and skin the quality treatment it deserves.